Apart from our superb quality and breath taking Factory and Warehouse designs that are scattered everywhere and are completely available for your valuable choice, there is also a cutting edge public utility system with fully optional facilities, and are designed to be combined with a Property Maintenance Management System that constantly ensures that they remain in good condition. In addition, our turn-key projects provide not only vast utility space, but also maintain a modern outlook and style, and are also equipped with the following core facilities to serve your needs in each prospect.


Local Road in the Project

  • 24 m maximum width. Steel Reinforced Road
  • Accommodates large trucks and 40’ container shipping/loading capabilities with loading docks
  • Easy access and connections to major transportation routes

Total Security System

  • Professional Security Guard Squad qualified by international standard training

Power Supply System

  • Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) / Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
  • Full power supply reserve generator in 30-50 Amp 3 phases 4 lines (expandability)
  • Payment of Unit Charge directly made to MEA or PEA as the rate designated by the authority
  • Luminous light system that provides complete coverage of all specific areas

Pest Control- insect, termites, rat and other disease carriers

  • All kinds of loathing animal and insect or pest controlled by experienced teamwork
  • The latest technology equipment certified by Food and Drug Organization

Water Supply System

  • Quality tap water supplied directly from Metropolitan Water Authority(MWA)
  • Water reserve system both underground and roof tanks
  • Reserve capacity of 120 m3 with head pressure pump

Property Maintenance Service

  • Professional staff available for all building and maintenance requirements of any work unit
  • One Stop - Customer Service Center

Sewage and Drainage System

  • Landfill level higher than ground level
  • Drainage pipe and manhole located in perimeter of the premise
  • Main water pump station and effective pump system.
  • Preparing the project area for overflow water reservoir in line with the Royal Concept of Monkey Cheek Project

Landscape and Environment

  • Over ¼ dedicated greenery area to mitigate Global Warming

Fire Extinguishing System

  • Automatic Fire Alarm system
  • Piping system and water supply outlet joint must be located at every 10 meters between the buildings
  • Completed standard Fire Extinction Equipment

Disposal System

  • Routine trash disposal system

Parking Lot

  • Parking space service in the front area of the project

CCTV Surveillance System

  • Strictly observed and monitored by electronic security system

High Speed Internet System

  • Accessible to any network by High Speed Internet

One Stop Shopping Department Store “Mini Mart Square” style

  • Variety of Shops ( Mini Big C , 7-11 , Lotus Express etc.)
  • ATMs by all commercial banks
  • Post office
  • Beauty Salon
  • Laundry
  • Home appliance store
  • Drug Stores
  • Convenience Store
  • Coffee Corner
  • Food Court
  • Book shop where created wisdom seed
  • Computer or internet cafe and other vendors

Golden Location and Labor Source

  • Labor market for being recruited
  • Potential business area inside key industrial estates.

Accommodation Service

  • Apartment for Rent with full facilities.
  • Affordable service rate